School Caisse: New Creative Platform, Same Mission—To Shape the Responsible Consumers of Tomorrow


In early 2020, the School Caisse undertook to redesign part of its visual identity and its creative platform. The financial education program’s image was revamped by the marketing team and Desjardins’s creation studio. In addition, the tone and entire content strategy were revised to reflect the School Caisse’s central aim: to help parents and teachers shape the responsible consumers of tomorrow.

The objectives of this project were as follows:

  • Set up a versatile and flexible creative platform to more effectively engage the School Caisse’s threefold target audience: kids (aged 5–14), their parents, and their teachers
  • Teach kids about financial and savings literacy
  • Introduce kids to financial basics
  • Deploy the new creative platform on all School Caisse communication platforms, including its website


Using the School Caisse’s updated creative platform, Tink was able to adapt the program’s new visual identity to the existing website. The site’s overall architecture and main features were left untouched, but all visual elements were made over (colours, illustrations, iconography, characters, etc.). Tink also helped the School Caisse adapt and create content and produce various illustrations for the new website open a new window.

« The collaboration and synergy between our team, the marketing team, Desjardins’s creation studio, and the School Caisse team were key to getting this project done in time for the start of the 2020 school year. Our team is unanimous—everyone loved the concept behind the creative platform, and we all dove into the project together knowing that we shared the same values and purpose! »
David Dubé, Director, consulting services, Tink
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