VIA Rail

Tink Helps VIA Rail Take a New Direction


In June 2018, a strategic planning process was undertaken to integrate the graphic elements, tone, and essence of the new Love the Way tagline into VIA Rail’s digital ecosystem.

Tink initiated a major project aimed at developing the best approach for implementing the new brand image.

  • Revision of the home page
  • Revision of the Lowest Fares page
  • Creation of three landing pages for the campaign’s target audience
  • Creation of a new header and footer
  • Revision of the internal linking module for blog posts


  • Focus on connecting with the public and addressing consumers’ needs to get people excited about taking the train again for the full travel experience. Produce new, fully responsive pages featured a modern, uncluttered structure and redesigned navigation.
  • Integrate the Love the Way tagline into the visual elements and content of each hub.
  • Better communicate the services intended for each customer base to highlight the quality of the overall train experience (i.e., the notion of loving the way).
  • Increase organic SEO and optimize flow by incorporating more links.

Realisations - Strategy

To communicate the idea of the overall travel experience, we developed a content umbrella based on the consumer journey by concentrating on the following:

  • The benefits of choosing to travel by train
  • Preparing for departure
  • The VIA Rail experience (at the station and on the train)
  • VIA Rail’s constant support, including upon arrival at destination
  • The traveller’s experience
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