Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Espace épargnant: Using Digital Tools To Support Fonds Savers at Different Moments of Their Lives


Quebec’s finance sector is facing many challenges; poor financial literacy, transformations within the industry, and a loss of confidence in the traditional banking model are just a few.


  • Promote the Fonds and its mission
  • Support Fonds savers at different moments of their lives
  • Present the RRSP+ with the Fonds as a good savings vehicle for both younger and older savers
  • Attract new savers
  • Maximize the number and amount of contributions

Realisations - Strategy

A Heterogeneous Target Group

Tink was mandated to develop tools for Quebec savers and to help the Fonds achieve its objectives—all while creating informative, educational content that was widely accessible and easy to understand.

Content for Specific Life Stages

As savers turn to the Fonds at specific points in their lives—to buy their first home, return to school, plan for retirement, etc.—the website offers a personalized experience based on where the user came from, their geographic location, and their browsing behaviour.

We created the site’s content in collaboration with the Fonds’s team to ensure that we properly addressed the questions, concerns, and realities of its savers.

Realisations - Techno

A Team Effort

The site was developed with the Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Nexio. With the combined strengths of our three teams, we were able to get the most out of Sitecore’s features.

Realisations - Creation

A Redefined Brand Image

As the website was being designed, the Fonds was working on its brand image. Our creative work was therefore based on the Fonds’s current design, as well as descriptions of what the new brand would look like. Despite the artistic challenges, we delivered!

Modular Web Design

The site was created according to modular, or atomic, design principles. That way, the Fonds can easily adapt the site to its needs and create new landing pages during campaigns.

To offer an intuitive browsing experience, all content was adapted and optimized for cellphones. The site also meets the rigorous Level AA accessibility standard and adapts to multiple screen sizes, displaying up to 4K resolution.

Realisations - Innovation

Personalization and Cybermetrics

We designed the site with the cybermetrics team, not only to test certain content and UX hypotheses, but also to closely monitor the effectiveness of personalization and measure all relevant conversions. Since these conversions are also extremely useful to the Fonds’s business intelligence team, measuring them has additional benefits for not only our client, but theirs as well.


  • 35% increase in the use of calculation tools
  • 70% increase in the number of mobile users
  • 40% increase in RRSP+ enrollment