Google Analytics 4 Migration

Come 2023, Google Analytics 4 will be your only option for data analysis.
Start preparing for the migration today!

Tink has already seen multiple companies through their migrations to GA4. Let us help you with yours.

Reasons to make the switch sooner rather than later:

1er juillet 2023 Universal Analytics cesse de traiter vos données !

  • You can start collecting necessary data in GA4
  • You’ll have time to get used to the new interface
  • You can ensure business continuity after Universal Analytics is discontinued

Step 1

Needs analysis

We take the time to understand your data needs (GA4) to determine what support model is best for you (step 2).

Step 2

Migration to GA4

We review your current measurement strategy and adapt it to the new GA4 data structure.

Additional services

Evolution of your measurement strategy

GA4 training

Dashboard update

Migration of your historical data


Would you like support during your transition to GA4?


We take pride in our customers’ satisfaction!

Iconic companies in Quebec and Canada have trusted us (and still do!) to transition their analysis tools to Google Analytics 4.