Employee profile – Dominique Proteau, Director, Analysis and Specifications

February 13, 2023
Dominique Proteau

We asked Dominique Proteau, the exceptional leader of our analysis and specifications department, to describe his day-to-day responsibilities.

In a few words, how would you describe your role and typical daily tasks?

I initially joined Tink as a business analyst almost nine years ago. Within a few years, I was promoted to team lead and, in 2017, I was named director of the new analysis and specifications department.

The most important part of my job is coaching and supporting my team so they feel good about their projects and can develop their skills. One-on-ones take up a good chunk of my schedule. They give me the opportunity to mentor the product owners (PO), business analysts, and QA specialists on my team.

I also work with the business development team to determine the scope and budget of potential projects. Specifically, I meet with clients to help them identify their project needs, write software requirement specifications, assess implementation projects (or approve assessments produced by my business analysts), and assist advisory services directors with the drafting of service offers and with management processes.

Last but not least, I sometimes act as an expert advisor for our clients. I mainly help them identify their business needs (even if it means calling them into question) and advise them on which tech platforms might be the most appropriate for them.

In your opinion, what hard and soft skills are necessary to succeed in a position like yours?

When it comes to hard skills, nothing beats solid experience working on large-scale web projects. At different points in my career, I was a web programmer and developer, a functional analyst, a business analyst, and a digital production manager. I’ve helped develop multiple content-driven and e-commerce websites. I’ve also worked on various business application systems and mobile apps. These experiences allowed me to develop the skills and reflexes needed to handle a variety of situations. Now, I find it easier to work toward a solution. My job is all about problem solving. I see myself as the head problem solver of my department!

In terms of soft skills, empathy and open-mindedness are, in my opinion, essential for anyone in a management position. Team members aren’t machines; each person has unique expertise. We need to be attentive to their concerns, understand the challenges they face and, above all, help them find solutions. The people on my team are qualified and very good at what they do. I don’t need to teach them how to do their jobs. But I can help them overcome hurdles and wrap up projects. What matters most is providing support when they need it!

What have you learned during your time at Tink?

I've grown a lot as a supervisor in a field that many people find abstract. In this position, I’ve had the opportunity to clearly define the roles related to analysis at Tink and make them more concrete for people in other departments.

My amazing colleagues on the business development team have also helped me master the “advisor” side of the job by teaching me different skills, like active listening. Often, clients don’t have all the answers to my barrage of technical questions, and that’s normal! It’s up to me to keep the discussion going and help them articulate their needs. That isn’t as easy as it sounds, and I’ve been given some great tips on how to do it.

I’ve also learned to be more involved in the company’s corporate activities, especially since being given the opportunity to become a partner. As I transitioned from employee to co-owner, I was able to view certain challenges from a different angle. I’m learning new things like this every week.

What do you like about Tink, and what makes you stay?

Tink strikes the perfect balance: it has the benefits of both a small and large firm, without any of the negatives!

We don’t have the frantic work pace of a start-up or the impersonal interactions of a big corporation. The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. You can talk openly about anything with anyone you work with, from the tech specialists to the CEO. It’s an asset that we need to preserve. There’s no need for corporate hierarchies that hinder efficient exchanges and team synergy.

Tink also has high standards and strives to do the right thing for its clients, but never adopts an inflexible or corporate attitude. Everyone takes their work seriously without taking themselves too seriously, and this approach really aligns with my own values.

What is your greatest professional accomplishment?

Gaining the trust of my teammates and proving that I have what it takes to be an effective and dedicated manager. Their positive, constructive feedback shows me that I belong and motivates me to invest even more in the role.

For you, working at Tink means having the opportunity to . . . ?

Meet experts in different fields and work with them on interesting and varied projects for equally interesting and varied clients.

What advice would you give to future employees in your field?

Good judgment is an essential tool for any IT analyst. It helps you accomplish your main goal: finding the most relevant solutions to your clients’ business problems.

My advice is, use common sense. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion or make yourself known as a leader and problem solver. This is how you’ll build credibility, gain the trust of your colleagues, and attract collaborators!