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The customer journey

The customer journey: the moment of truth!


Article published jointly on Infopresse

In a world of information overload, engaging with your clients in a relevant way while delivering on your promise to provide impeccable services is essential to standing out.

Become the client in body and spirit!

Your clients’ satisfaction depends first and foremost on how well you anticipate and understand their needs, their state of mind, and the physical or virtual environments in which they operate. 

This approach is based on service design, a process that allows you to identify your clients’ profiles, map their journey, and identify the moment they come into contact with your brand. It also allows your organization to optimize its internal actions. For instance, how to deliver on your promise through your various touch points in a multi-channel universe.

The goal of mapping the customer journey? To build relevant experiences that meet the needs of your clients. This will create value throughout your entire ecosystem, thus the importance of analyzing business components along with human and technological dimensions.

An example is worth a thousand words

Recently, while on Facebook, I saw an ad promoting a concert by my favourite artist (thank you media placement)! I clicked on the ad and this was my customer journey:

•    I was redirected to the artist’s website to purchase the tickets
•    I purchased the tickets online
•    I was presented with two options for collecting the tickets (by email or through a mobile app, I picked the app)
•    I downloaded the application (my tickets were transferred to my e-wallet)
•    I was given the QR code to see the concert

The application that I installed on my phone now suggests concerts according to where I am and who my favourite artists are.

The ticket distribution company created a timely experience relevant to my musical tastes. A convincing offer, a dynamic homepage, and a personalized payment process. That evening, I enjoyed a seamless experience because there was no need for physical tickets.

By mapping the customer’s journey, it’s now easy to create several other services that could be added to the application in order to optimize the user experience. For instance, in addition to the services provided, it could let me connect to social media to find out if there are people I know at the concert. Another possible upgrade would be the ability to pay for drinks, food, and the coat check directly via the app. After the concert, it could let me see photos, read any reviews and comments about the show… all great ways to enhance the consumer experience.

This process demonstrates that it is vital to maintain a relationship with the consumer throughout their life cycle. 

Improving efficiency through understanding and analysis

Extracting data about your target’s behaviour also allows your organization to better understand them. Analyzing big data throughout the consumer journey will allow you to optimize your services, gather more knowledge about your client, and continuously improve your service offer.

Understanding your clients is an art. Service design helps you build a meaningful and rewarding experience throughout your entire digital ecosystem.

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André Gagnon
André Gagnon
Stratège et architecte d'information
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