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Powering Centre du Rasoir’s e-commerce site with Shopify Plus

Centre du Rasoir Shopify Plus



In 2021, Centre du Rasoir entrusted Tink with a mandate to completely overhaul the company’s digital transaction ecosystem. The previous e-commerce platform was getting old, and in 2021, Centre du Rasoir was undertaking a major shift (new brand image, new store concepts). 

Tink worked in close collaboration with Shopify Plus, which put a launch engineer at our disposal in order to execute the best practices and applications available to meet the different requirements and business rules of our client, defined by our teams.


Centre du Rasoir Shopify Plus

Projects - Strategy

To best serve Centre du Rasoir’s business needs, a major audit was carried out to identify the following: 

  • The best technology partner for the new e-commerce platform: Shopify Plus
  • Workshops to optimize e-commerce business rules, from the online ordering process all the way to delivery, in collaboration with Shopify Plus and Centre du Rasoir’s teams
  • Work on the digital marketing plan (SEO, marketing automation, newsletter, etc.)


Projects - Technology

Tink was entrusted with the development of the new tools, as well as the technological transition from Magento, the previous e-commerce platform, to Shopify Plus:  

  • Akeneo PIM (product inventory management) migration and updating to the latest version 
  • Development of a connector to the ERP (or IMS, integrated management system) to ensure the seamless exchange of information
  • UX/UI support to ensure an optimal online customer experience
  • Launch, support, and development of the site to handle future updates 


Centre du Rasoir Shopify Plus

Client testimonial

« Tink is a 100% Quebec company with 26 years of expertise in digital transformation. They were the obvious choice to help us with the evolution of our e-commerce platform.  The collaboration between our teams went very smoothly, with mutual respect and trust; it’s a pleasure to work with such high-calibre professionals. »
— Patrice Demers, Président, Centre du Rasoir


Following a close collaboration between Tink and Centre du Rasoir, this project was completed in seven months, just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.  The launch went off without a hitch, and the infrastructure was robust and efficient, making it possible to support a high number of visits and orders. The entire Centre du Rasoir team is extremely happy with the end result and the volume of sales generated by the new e-commerce site!