Ordre des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec

Placing Nurses at the Heart of the Experience


The Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) wanted to undertake a major project to renew its digital ecosystem, which is central to its strategic plan. This plan aims to make the digital channel the OIIQ’s primary vehicle for interacting with members, partners, and the public.


Objectives of the Website Redesign

  • Bring together the equivalent of 16 OIIQ sites on a single digital platform.
  • Start and maintain a dialogue with citizens, members, partners, and health care professionals.
  • Increase the OIIQ’s revenues by integrating a marketing component (e.g., online training courses).
  • Reflect the strength of the nursing profession and offer a wide range of references on nursing practice.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface and a pleasant online experience for members, including those less familiar with computers, so that they can easily accomplish the tasks set out in the plan.
  • Implement a process and platform to ensure compliance with the many regulations and laws that govern the OIIQ’s operations and the professional practice of its members.

Realisations - Strategy

A Design With People in Mind

Adopt a client-centred approach that takes into account individual backgrounds and needs.

The five components of the strategic plan

  • Coaching: Offer personalized assistance in decision-making.
  • Engagement: Turn passive users into active users.
  • Personalization: Offer relevant content to every user.
  • Loyalty: Increase the number of returning visitors to the site.
  • Marketing: Increase transactions and purchase frequency.

Realisations - Techno

Behind-the-Scenes Technology

To meet the OIIQ’s business needs, the Liferay 7 platform and Java programming language were selected.

In addition, microservices were implemented using Spring Boot, Java 8, and Tomcat technologies to outsource specific processes, allowing the OIIQ to easily increase and decrease their capacity as needed.

Realisations - Creation

An Optimized User Experience

Different tactics were implemented throughout the project to achieve the OIIQ’s objectives and make the ecosystem inclusive, concise, and scalable.

Content Strategy

A content strategy was developed and deployed to establish and maintain a link with nurses. Considerable work was also done to simplify the content and adapt messages and terminology.


The new website adapts its content according to the user’s profile and interests (targeted posts based on location or clinical area).

Atomic Design and User Experience

Graphically, a shift towards atomic (or modular) design was undertaken to create an optimal digital system. The user interface was based on different modules aimed at iterative creation to improve the user experience.

Significant work on the site’s design and user experience also made it possible to simplify and optimize navigation.


  • A unified environment for continuous process improvement (registration, training, renewal)
  • Personalized content according to the user’s profile
  • An online training catalogue facilitating the conversion funnel
  • The centralization of user accounts (previously spread over three web spaces)
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