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Monetico Making payment solutions more accessible

In the first month following launch :

14 % of views led to a conversion
10,746 page views
2 min. 9 sec. – average time spent viewing site content

Raise awareness

Desjardins and its counterpart in France, Crédit Mutuel, recently joined forces to launch a new brand: Monetico. This new entity is dedicated to making payment more accessible worldwide, at a time when mobile payment and ecommerce are having a major impact on e-money.


  • Raise awareness of Monetico and its payment solutions and showcase the benefits
  • Acquire new customers
  • Inform customers (FAQ, support centre)
  • Offer an experience reflecting the vitality and values of the brand

Simplicity for improved presentation

At first glance, given the nature and variety of available solutions, e-money may seem complicated, particularly to SMEs.


The strategy is based on the notions of ease and proximity: simplify the offer while preserving the character of the brand, the distinctive elements of each payment solution and, above all, the specific needs of each merchant.


A bold and playful space

The user experience utilizes a combination of both top and left navigation. This type of fluid navigation allows information to be understood on three levels: the product in one line, the product in detail and the product in three points. It also reduces back and forth movements while preserving the right context every time.


Centred on the concept of “We accept card payments,” the graphic style of the site reflects Monetico’s main goal: making card payment accessible. The rich colour palette, use of flat design and play on typographical elements revitalize the content and make it more accessible. With its illustrations, clean iconography and simplified content, the site presents a complex topic in a simple manner by conveying a strong graphic identity.



The site uses the Liferay content management system to maximize clients’ autonomy in updating existing content and creating new content.


Fresh and innovative

The site is innovative compared to the dense, drab and often difficult to understand sites of competitors.


All Monetico content is designed to captivate the user’s attention: it presents concrete examples and plays on the contrast between old and modern. The content is simplified and full of imagery, supported by a fixed navigation and parallax scrolling to organize and prioritize the elements on the pages according to their importance.