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St-Hubert Building loyalty through entertainment

200 000 game sessions in the first 4 weeks following launch
4,250 orders placed following promotional offers since launch
9 min 30s Average playing time of the game. play, play and play some more!

Customer acquisition and retention

Innovation has always been a part of St-Hubert’s DNA. It was the first fast-food restaurant to adopt ecommerce in Quebec. Faced with increasing competition in its sector and an aging customer base, St-Hubert wanted to reach a younger demographic.


  • Acquire a younger, trendier clientele
  • Build customer loyalty among the family market
  • Incite customers to visit the restaurant through promotional codes

Information and support

The twofold strategy explores the concepts of gamification. The first consists of a mobile game to boost online and takeout orders by allowing users to earn promotional offers by means of a lottery. The second involves cards scanned in St-Hubert rotisseries, giving users additional game powers.


Cartoon-style concept

Chicken Run features graphical elements that represent each of the cities in the game (Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Kuujjuaq and Gaspé), cartoon-style characters and St-Hubert’s iconic yellow delivery car.


Linking the game to orders

Mobile games follow us everywhere. With Chicken Run, the game is taken a step further: prizes earned are automatically linked to users’ online St-Hubert account. Users can then easily order their prize online in just a few clicks.



St-Hubert is one of the first fast-food restaurant chains to launch a mobile game on the market supported on mobile phones and tablets. The game fits into St-Hubert’s overall ecosystem, both online and in rotisseries.