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St-Hubert Moving beyond ecommerce.

Since the beginning of Tink’s mandate:

+ than 4 million transactions have been made
+ 17.5 % increase in online transactions
+ than 3,000 daily transactions

Improve customer experience and reduce operating costs

In 2006, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert mandated Tink with designing and developing a new online ordering platform to generate additional sales and reduce the amount of calls placed to its call centre. Deployed the following year, this transactional platform quickly became a benchmark in the food services industry in North America.

Since then, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert and Tink have continued to improve and enhance this unique digital ecosystem.


  • Make online ordering available across all service territories
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Acquire a new clientele

Centralize to better manage

Integrating a global order taking ecosystem lies at the heart of the implementation strategy for the redesign of St-Hubert’s transactional platform.


Meet several needs with a single website

St-Hubert’s website meets online users’ needs thanks to two components: an informational or promotional component and a transactional component.

Customize information

The use of geo-tracking makes it possible to customize content, such as valid promotions and menus for the nearest rotisserie, among other things.

Promote online ordering

The user experience puts online ordering at the heart of the process by providing direct access to the transactional platform.


Manage orders with a unique tool

St-Hubert’s new transactional platform, which is integrated with the point of sale (POS) software, centralizes online and telephone order taking. Thanks to geo-tracking, it reduces the pressure on rotisserie employees, since each order is sent directly to the right branch, without the need for human intervention.

Consider the ecosystem as a whole

St-Hubert’s website is more than a simple transactional platform. It is integrated with all the sectors of the company and takes the realities of each one of them into account. Therefore, it can manage multiple menus, client accounts as well as the newsletter, in addition to being responsive to specific regional needs, delivery capacity, real-time product availability and delivery times.


A constant evolution

Since the new platform was launched in 2011, St-Hubert’s digital ecosystem has continuously evolved. Specifically, it has given rise to the launch of three editions of the Chicken Run mobile game for iOS and Android.

The design and development of the mobile application delivers on St-Hubert’s promise, which stresses the importance of the customer experience at each path-to-purchase step.

Visit the website Learn more about Chicken Run