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Metro Redesign of Metro mobile application


Notable information:

Clip to card Full mobile integration of the user experience with customized discount coupons
Digitization of rewards cheques Full digitization of the user experience with rewards vouchers.
Geolocation banners Integration of geo-targeted promotional offers.

Focus on customer experience

To offer the best possible user experience (UX), Metro wanted to update its mobile application. Adapting the interface and features to a more fluid user behaviour and optimizing UX were key to the application’s evolution.


  • Modernize the mobile application’s visual interface
  • Native development of the application for iOS and Android

Humans at the heart of strategy

The preferred strategy is to support consumers during their food purchase planning process by replicating every step of the shopping experience on the application.

An enhanced experience

More services, fewer steps required for users. All metro&moi services are offered on the mobile application to simplify the experience and access the benefits of the program. 


Sketch software and modular design

The new interface created with modular design using Sktech, integrates a better experience.  

Share with your family

Grocery shopping as a family: made even easier. Shoppers can now share grocery lists from the same account on multiple devices (Android or iOS).

These optimizations make it possible for Metro customers to experience a unified planning experience, at the store and on the mobile application.


création image



Metro took it a step further by opting for Passbook integration, giving customers the possibility of scanning their Metro card and product bar codes to receive discounts. This digital approach, aimed at personalizing and interconnecting data, enhances the customer experience.


Apple Watch app

Metro’s digital ecosystem is constantly evolving. This innovative company launched Canada’s very first Apple Watch app allowing users to add and check off items on a grocery list. Designed to simplify and personalize the consumer shopping experience, this is an extension of the mobile app.